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2020 F.C.A. Election Headquarters

Matthew Kolcz, Election Committee Chair

email: elections@floridachess.org

The nomination period has closed as of 8/26/2020 at 12:01am. No further nominations will be accepted. 

1) Nominations (COMPLETE) - See nominees below!

2) Voting In Progress

3) Polls closed at midnight September 10, 2020

4) Results to be published before September 30th

Election Results

Per Bylaws, all board members need to meet the criteria. Main poll candidates were vetted before the election. Write-in eligibility is determined immediately at the close of the poll. - Election Committee

2020-2021 FCA BOARD OF DIRECTORS (area) [term till] and contact.

President Kevin J. Pryor (NE) [2021] Gainesville, FL kevin@floridachess.org

Vice President Bryan Tillis (S) [2021] West Palm Beach, FL bryan@floridachess.org

Secretary Matthew Kolcz (S) [2021] Deerfield Beach, FL matthew@floridachess.org

Treasurer Timothy Staley (C) [2021] Ocala, FL timothy@floridachess.org

Regional Vice Presidents (5)

Northeast George Foote (NE) [ 2022] Jacksonville, FL george@floridachess.org

Northwest Kevin Pryor + TBA

West Timotey Gospodinov (W) [ 2022] St. Petersburg, FL timothey@floridachess.org 

Central Mike Moschos (C) [ 2022] The Villiages, FL mikem@floridachess.org 

South Jon Haskel (S) [2020] Boca Raton, FL jon@floridachess.org

Directors at Large (4)

Harvey Lerman (C) [ 2020] Altamonte Springs, FL harvey@floridachess.org

Stephen Lampkin (NE) [2021] Port Orange, FL stephen@floridachess.org

Krista Alton (W ) [2022] Tampa, FL krista@floridachess.org

Paul Leggett (C) [2020] Clermont, FL paul@floridachess.org

NOTE: All ballots will be sent via email to all members of record by the Election Master in early September.

All Candidates have submitted a Candidate Information and Campaign Statement form. Read what incumbents have accomplished, what each candidate promises to do if elected. Learn about their chess biography and the skills they possess that could be of benefit to the F.C.A. Be an informed voter. 

Click on the name of each candidate to see their full bio:

Harvey Lerman (Central, Incumbent)

Jon Haskel (South, Incumbent)

George Foote (Northeast, New)

Mike Moschos (Central, New)

Timotey Gospodinov (Southwest, New)

Krista Alton (Southwest, Incumbent-Appointee)

Paul Leggett (Central, Write-In)

Florida Chess Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  14260 W. Newberry Road, P.O. Box 236 Newberry, FL, 32669-2765

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